Monday, May 24, 2010

HUT-a new vision

I just spent two weeks at HUT, Harding University at Tahkodah, a program that prepares people to go into the mission field. I learned so much during these two weeks. I was stretched beyond anything I had experienced before. We simulated what it was actually like to go to a foreign country, and to experience living conditions, culture, and government. I felt the anxiety that came from the rain clouds and the lightening in the distance, no knowing whether I would be dry that night while I slept. I felt the uneasiness that came from not knowing the language and how to properly communicate with the people. I felt the vulnerability of being in a situation and having no way of coming out of it, a fixed fate. I can not even say I have truly experienced these things either, because at the end of the day I knew I still had a home to go home to at the end of those two weeks.

This course taught me so much, it taught me how to kill chickens, how to start fires, how to plant a garden, along with the importance of composting. It also opened my eyes to the reality of the poverty in the world, the limited good, and the limited resources that are unevenly divided in the world. I can not understand why some people have so much, while others have so little. Why Americans never have to eat the same thing twice, when there are people who are lucky to get even a cup of tea before their hard day of work. I do not think I will ever understand this, all I can do is ask God, and look to him for a way to help in anyway I can. I hope I never ever forget this either.

HUT really stretched me, and it really just strengthened my passion for going to Zambia. I know it will be a hard road, but I am so excited for what God has in store for us. We are called to be separate. We are called to be his servants.

Religion that God our father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself from being polluted by the word. James 1:27

In Him,


Saturday, August 01, 2009

Where is he found...when there is so much to distort the eye from the essential
being that we are to live for. Where can we run to, when even our own faith in
him is being distorted and strained through the hands of others, ringing every
form of life into a bottomless cup that will only run dry.

You have no idea how much I long to be utterly and wholly without strain, or conflict,
or drama in my relationship with Jesus. I feel like it is so simple, but the pain of
earth can so easily distort. I am sick of twiddling down my faith to fit into a mold,
to fit a liking or a expectation.

I'm sick. SO sick. SO SO SO sick. Because if this is Jesus...I don't want it. If what I am feeling right now, is the real deal, then this is not love. This is not free love of a saviour...this is earthly control fit into a fairy tale story...set to keep more
people under a will that is not their own. I'm sick of man made doctrine and plastic religion. I don't need that. I need Jesus.

NO wonder so many people think of Christianity and get sick to their stomachs,
or find the term humorous. Please just keep your world, keep your expectations...I
want Jesus. I want to be able to serve him freely, but what HE says and HE
instructs...if I can't have that, I don't need any of it.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

I stare within my constant vision,
a light and quiet peace.
Viewing only what I can see with
my mortal eye, oh how much more
seeps through beyond what is
touchable, what is questionable and tame.

What do we hold in our minds...a reality
set in stone. Who holds to the key
to the richest price, richest of fair.
The key to the very air that
whispers our thoughts and steals
our breath away
as our lips take in the smell,
and our noses instruct
the senses to the vast realm

I am but a leaf in this tree...but
a droplet of dew upon a blade of grass,
smothered among a vast field of
impressible, uncontainable
organic beauty.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

I'm longing for something.
Something alive, cold,a breathing beating something...
that could awaken my sleeping body and
strike a fire within me.

I need something maddening and crashing,
an awakening of self. Who will come to give this need. And all I am hoping for is

Step once onto the rocky soil, and feel the wind around
my face, wisp wishing inside my hair. The smell of
blood is in the erie silence fills the ear.
Something is coming, a light is blooming, a change is
near, it's looming over me.

I see a cloud in the distance, swirling into a shivery
dark mass of anger and pain, filled with the tears
of a thousand years. Champions and warriors, the
blood and sweat of a thousand men all poured out in
this one thunderous cloud. I gaze under
and my eyes fall upon him.
Blood...oh it drips through his eyes, mixing with tears as he cries..
father forgive them. Before he takes his last breath,
he stares me straight in the eye.

Oh what a maddening, earth shattering, heart moldering, gut
wrenching, mind blowing fire. This fire that has
consumed me. That man who I guess knew me, very well indeed..
he suffers, he cries, he wails, he suffocated right in front of my eyes.

He has convicted me. He is awakened me. That what I do on this Earth, the least of these, is done to bind up the wounds of the world, is done for he.

Oh Jesus you died. You died, you freely gave what I never could have given. You surely gave away all the love I'm too scared to give. Must I keep living like I never knew you, like you were just a flower crushed on the ground.

Your alive...and oh that scarlet blood, shall it wash me, so that my hands can give even an ounce of cleansing to this world...and give glory to you.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I think Im breathing...and I want to pass it on.

I feel like I have been more confused in the last month than any time in my life. But it is a strange confusion, because I feel like my eyes are open and my lungs are breathing...for the first time. The first time I feel Jesus. I feel him in my life and i see my purpose in my life. I just feel like so much of my life has been full of me...and what I need, what I want. Its been all about my issues and for the first time in my life I can stop and see him.

It feels like I'm breathing...feels like I'm moving. I finally get it. I need to have nothing but him in my life. Because if I am to give people hope and love...then I have to have him. Because I can not hope in anything outside of him. NOTHING. Nor love anything outside of him. Because he IS love and hope. HE IS. the I AM is LOVE. THE I AM is HOPE.

I want to be a teacher. I want to be one of "those" teachers. The ones that are a beacon of light to their students. The ones that can be trusted with anything..the classrooms that are not classrooms but rooms of refuge, away from the norm of public school chaos. I want to be be there. So many times in public school, I saw so many just dying for attention...calling out...and there was nothing...only those few teachers that actually cared. That were not only there to get a pay check...the ones that could have been making so much more money...but chose to be there. I feel like there needs to be more cushions there...cushions that break the falls of these kids...that tend to slip through the cracks. BREAK SILENCES...silences that are deadly...that break kids to breaking points where they will be willing to kill, to steal, to take their own order to feel or be noticed. WHAT IF SOMEONE WAS THERE TO LISTEN?????? WHAT IF SOMEONE WAS THERE TO CRY WITH THEM? Maybe so much pain could be spared.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tonight was beautiful. Tonight I got to have a wonderful time with some awesome friends, and spend some much needed talking time with my wonderful friend Mandy.

Sitting under the stars sipping our iced coffees with a hint of soy milk, watching in annoyance the mosquitoes that were flying around our heads, just was really a breath of fresh air. It just got me thinking, how wonderful is it to be able to share thoughts, confusions, pains, fears with someone and understand and feel each other in such similar ways. I think that God really did create relationships to be like that, to be able to aid each other in figuring out these things that just trip us and knock us down. We are never alone in our troubles.

I say this because I realized tonight that I really need to start following my heart. Like for instance, I have decided that no matter the cost, no matter if I end up a simple art teacher, I am going to choose the "risky" road and be a fine art major.

I recently found a volunteer opportunity at the children's hospital in Little Rock, and they need volunteers for something called the art cart. It is where they have someone go around and do arts and crafts off of this cart with all the patients in the hospital. Oh my goodness what a perfect opportunity that would be! So hopefully this will work out and I will be able to do this for a while. I think it might be a solution to my future...this might just be what I want to devote my life to, simply doing art with people and helping them cope. :)

How awesome is it that God can take the passions that he has placed in our hearts, and direct them toward helping others and furthering his kingdom. In ALL things we can glorify him no matter if it is hair dressing, or cooking, no matter what he can use it and I am beginning to really learn that. :)

Thanks for reading.

Love KB

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Oh me and decisions.

Lately I have been feeling like my life has been changing. Of course my life has always been changing, and everything in life is in constant motion. But this change is something that I am so unsure of...not unsure as it not welcoming, but maybe confusion is closer to the word I am looking for.

I thought that I had my life all planned out. I thought I knew every piece to this puzzle and it was so easy to say, I am this major and I will be doing this in 10 years. Right now I am completely lost. I used to at least have a compass pointing me in a general direction but no, no compass no map no nothing. Yikes! I am so confused and upside down about so many things, and God has been sending me these differn't thoughts, differn't ways that my life could be lived and I have no idea where my place should be.

I want to be a missionary, but is it in the states or in Africa. I am an artist, do I devote my craft to graphic design or to art therapy, or am I to take a "risky" road and be simply a fine art major. I don't know because see when I look down the road and vision my self in 10 years I see Jesus. I see him helping people...and I see him using my art to do that. I can not see Graphic Design anywhere in that. But do I take the career field that will make me enough money to be able to support myself, or do I trust him. DO I defy everyone around me, including my family, telling me I should be "smart" and make my education count. Make money! Because that is the important thing in life! And no they dont say that...but I feel like that is what I am saying when I chose graphic design. I dont' know. I am soo confused. All I know is he is my future. He is alive. His church should be alive...and that brings up another frustrating confusion that I can't even begin to explain right now.

I know I have a lot of thinking and following and praying and trusting and be movable...plyable....because I guess that is his plan to be able to mold me and direct me. I thank him and praise him that I am not alone in's such a comfort to know he leads me. Pray for me if you read this. Thank you. :)

Love KB

Friday, June 05, 2009


That companies such as Disney, Nike, Gap, Old Navy, Coca Cola, Pepsi co/Frito Lay, Walmart, Adidas,
Kohl's, and many many many more have all been proven to use or have used illegal sweatshop labor, and
or unruly treatment of their workers in factories?

According to research that I found, sweatshop workers earn as little as 1/2 to 1/4 what they need to provide
for their families, basic nutrition, shelter, clothing, education, transportation etc.

Sweatshop workers are
forced to spend about 75% of their wages alone to meet basic nutritional needs.

Almost 75% of a garment is pure profit
for the manufacturer.

For less than 1% of Nike's advertising budget, wages could be doubled for all workers making Nike university clothing.

Common sweatshops include, tires, auto parts, shoes, toys, computer parts, electronics, clothing, and food.

The U.S. government often gives foreign aid to those same countries whose poverty is directly effected by exploitation
by US businesses operating abroad.

According to the Department of Labor, over 50% of U.S. garment factories use sweatshops.

This is just disgusting, and not acceptable. I really have no idea what I can do at this point, except for
obviously ending my support for these products immediately. But here is a site that will give you a ton
of info on the companies that are leading this problem, along with a lot of research sources that
back up their info.

we can LOOK into the Eyes of those
we dont even like,
and SEE the ONE WE LOVE.

we encounter.

IN the F A C E of the OPPRESSED

their flesh is my blood
their pain is my pain





Let them blow away

Sometimes I feel so lost in transition,
like this whole world is spinning on it's Axel,
upside and inside out,
but my head is turning another direction,
and I find that we have yet to cross that line
between radical and ordinary,
it seems we've found a quiet place to lie,
and she's been sleepin for a long time...far too long.

We have to have our covers blown, and the quiet little
shelters blown away
until our words are so jumbled from being contained so long
that they fly out of our mouths and join the dancing of our
brothers and sisters that are still holding on.

And I feel like there are gaping holes in our eyes,
we fail to see the dirt,
but we get lost in every shiny penny that falls at our feet.
OH cant we loosen our tongues
to sing this song...that can untie our heats and keep us
movin on.

And we have to have our covers blown,
and the quiet little shelters blown away,
until our words are so jumbled from being contained for so long
that they fly our of our mouths
and join the dancing of our brothers and sisters
who are still holding on.

Oh let it all blow away,
until we are all dancing and singing
this song of new meanings.
OH they are still holding on.

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